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Combo CO/ Smoke Alarm - Shark Locks

Combo CO/ Smoke Alarm

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Name: Smoke CO carbon monoxide alarm
Packing size:145*46*145mm
Gross weight: 232g

1. Independent ceiling installation, easy to install, no need to debug;
2. Imported carbon monoxide sensor and photoelectric smoke sensor, innovative and more accurate, more reliable, good repeatability, long life, no need to replace the equipment for a long time; light-emitting diode
3. Alarm sound
Carbon monoxide alarm: rapid beep sound;
Smoke alarm: continuous beep sound;
Carbon monoxide and smoke alarm: carbon monoxide alarm priority (red LED flashing, rapid beep sound)
Low voltage alarm: every 30 seconds issued a "chirp" sound that the battery is low, you need to replace the battery, or product is bad.
Test button: for testing whether electrical property of the product and normal operation is OK, Green LED light represents in normal operation,Red LED light represents in an alarm state.
Power on the warm-up: the product will be issued "Di", red LED light flashes, about 90S later, the product start to work normally ;
Green LED: flashes every 30 seconds to indicate that the unit is running normally.
Red LED: When a dangerous level of carbon monoxide is detected or a potential fire is detected, the red LED flashes and the alarm makes a sound..
Note: The alarm only indicates that there is carbon monoxide around the sensor, and carbon monoxide may still be in other places.
4. The battery is already included and is model 6F22 (DC9V).

Product Specifications:
● Operating current: Monitoring current: ≤ 25uA Alarm current: ≤45mA
● Operating voltage: DC9V (6F22 battery) Use: 2 - 3 years
● Buzzer level: ≥85dB (3m)
● Operating temperature: -10 ° C to 60 ° C
● Working humidity: ≤ 95% RH
● Warning density:
Carbon monoxide 30ppm, 120 minutes without alarm;
50ppm, in 60-90 minutes alarm
100ppm, 10-40 minutes alarm;
300ppm, 3 minutes alarm;
Smoke: 1% ~ 5% / FT OBS
● Standard: CE & EN14604 and RoHS

Package includes:
1x Alarm
2x Fixing screws
1x Battery